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sparkly party tutu

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sparkly party tutu

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Instructions: when purchasing please leave the Roblox username in which you want to receive the item on in personalisation box (NO PASSWORD!! JUST USERNAME) we will then add you as a friend and meet in trading hub on game to trade the item. please add a small item you have double of or at least 1 gem in your trade so it’s not an empty trade. Terms and conditions: -You must be level 75 to be able to receive this product in Royale High -Please be aware of time difference, I’m in the UK, normally deliver within a hour between 10am – 10pm – I make sure all my items are 100% legit by sitting them in a alt account for at least two weeks as they will disappear out of your inventory within a week if they are exploited or cloned. -We do not provide returns or refunds -We are not responsible for what happens to you or the item after delivered.

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