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Battlefield 5 Xbox live CD Key

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Battlefield 5 Xbox live CD Key. You will receive code via email.

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Battlefield 5 Xbox live CD Key. You will receive code via email.

Battlefield V brings players back to World War II, and a detailed leak from YouTube’s channel “Drakesden” gives tons of advance details. His video first surfaced in mid-February and has since gained traction now that rumors of Battlefield V have made their way to the masses.

  • Factions: There are seven factions including Great Britain, the United States, Free French, Third Reich, Kingdom Of Italy, USSR and Imperial Japan.
  • Maps: The retail game will launch with 10 maps with one free map arriving shortly thereafter.
  • DLC: Will work through a Premium Pass like always. Subject of DLC has not been decided.
  • Combat: Skill plays a bigger role with the removal of random bullet deviation found in Battlefield 1.
  • Attachments: They return for Battlefield V. Options include suppressors, sights, scopes and more.
  • Four Classes: Assault (a medic with AR weapons), Support (LMGs, ammo access), Recon (Bolt actions for long range) and Engineer (SMGs, anti-tank weapons).
  • All-Kit Weapons: Some weapons will work for all classes like the M1 Garand.

Elite Classes & Behemoths Return

  • Customization: Cosmetic skins make their debut. They offer different combinations of headwear, footwear and camo. Skins will be sold as a cosmetic microtransaction.
  • Vehicles: Vehicles will function similar to Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. They require skillful operation and include tanks, Jeeps, planes and more. Like soldiers, vehicles can also be customized with cosmetics.
  • Modes: Operations return and Incursions will be available at launch
  • Release Details: The game will be revealed in May with a beta in August and release in October.

Like all leaks, this Battlefield V information is unofficial and may not be accurate. However trusted leakers within the Battlefield community, such as AmightyDaq, have verified these findings. Statements made in the video also align with a recent report from Kotaku that suggests EA was afraid to include non-cosmetic loot boxes in the upcoming game. All indicators point to these details being accurate, but we won’t know for sure until Battlefield V is formally revealed.


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